Sheikh Obama

"I hope...I shall be able to unite all the wise and educated men of all the countries and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of the Quran which alone are true and which alone can lead men to happiness."
-Napoleon Bonaparte in a letter in Egypt in August 1798

Bonaparte's letter was a historic failure to address the people of Egypt, trying to convince them of his good intentions. His own warships spoke louder than his soft words and challenged his credibility before people did.

Obama's speech does not lend him a prettier face, though it is the least Muslims expect from him. With an army in Afghanistan, another in Iraq, and a funded arsenal in Israel, the US has a lot to say and to do to gain Muslims respect. Sheikh Obama needs to walk the walk, and I'm pretty sure that there are many more people in the Muslim world that want to give him a chance than in his own country.

What did you think about the speech? What do you think were the positive and negative points it tackled?

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To Matan Vilnai

A Jew could loath fascism at one level, but identify with its brutality at another. Such splitting is deeply characteristic of what we call human weaknesses. Thus some Jews could develop a national chauvinist reaction to the Holocaust, in which they might be expected to unto others something of that which had been done unto them and their families.
- From "Overcoming Zionism" by Joel Kovel
To Matan Vilnai,

I can't be more disgraced of the human race as I am today after your comments were heard on the beloved Army radio. I can't be more ashamed of the stage that the world is giving you and your fellow Zionists, that day to day swallows bigger pieces of justice, freedom, and the common least denominator of humanities. I can't be more embarrassed of the human inherited culture of inequality, oppression, inferiority, and thirst for blood. Your words have been a disguise and a humiliation to the world, while "the world remains silent".

I wonder if you have consulted any of your neighbors about how horrifying and destructive it is in the "Shoah" you want to bring the Palestinians. Have you asked Aharon Appelfeld if making a new concentration camp like the one he escaped from in Gaza will be any escapable ? Did you ask David Grossman if your plan of resurrecting Nazi practices will bring any peace to the Palestinians he interviewed ? Have you asked - in Arabic please - the stolen land of settlements you live in if she is any thirsty for more blood ? Have you ever thought what it is to lose your wife or any of your kids and nobody cares to mention them or their names or their families or that it was their last walk on the beach ?

I don't understand your words unless they I blend in a historic mixture of Apartheid, racism, and religious Jewish superiority. It has been always shyly mentioned and related to Nazism, but you didn't like this vague and not opinionated stand. You wanted Israel to stand out as the land of Israel does on Arabs land. Your "Shoah" will not be different; will it find its bread and wine from the flesh and blood of Gazans, but their bones will bury you beside the Nazis prophets and their tears will write your name on their Hall of Shame.

Mr. Vilnai.. We are hearing in the news about the waged war against civilians in Gaza. We hear about families being killed, dozens of kids murdered, and more than 30 people were victims of your army's barbarism. You might be implementing your wishes to rage a bigger "Shoah" or "Holocaust" against Gaza, but these wishes will find themselves right beside Yitzhak Rabin's dreams that it would sink into the sea. Gaza was built by the little dreams that grow a country everyday with every sweat dropping from thick brows. Gazans will live on olive oil and zaatar and grow thin skin and big hearts, that will have hopes that outlive your words legacy.

A Palestinian

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What's wrong with America - Economics: Part 1

In 1929, days after the stock market crash, the Harvard Economic Society assured its subscribers: "A sever depression is outside the probability". In a survey in March 2001, 95% of American economists said there would not be a recession, though one had already started. Today, most of economists do not forecast a recession in America, but the profession's pitiful forecasting record offers little comfort.
- Economist Magazine
The American economy is going for a free fall; vote for Hillary Clinton to save it. That's the ad. that was playing to call people to vote for Hilary Clinton in the Potomac Area. Americans are so naive that a shallow message like that will attract their attention and they would land their fears on the hope it suggests. Many people don't understand that tinkering with the system is just a delay of a certain collapse; it is like taking a pain killer where you grow more and more dependent on it, but it definitely doesn't solve the problem or cure your disease.
The current economic system in play in US is even worse than communism. Communism's hardcore structure and hierarchy and prevention of ownership created an outrageous sense of marginalizing within people, and way to the end of it till people figured out its drawbacks - though some did at the beginning. Capitalism offers the market solution that is ideal when the access to markets and information is equally granted, but who thinks this is the case today ? nobody.

Marketing the ideas of capitalism was a school of thought that was never as strong or ideal as the communism one. The prophets of capitalism - Ronald Regan and Margret Thatcher - had no further vision than getting and spending. With the underlying system of fractional reserve and interest, the down dip was essential. Markets became less and less accessible to normal Americans and more accessible to bigger corporates; and access to monetary power was granted to banks with the power of creating money of literal thin air. The rest of people were doomed to default and slip to the new style of slavery - debt slavery.

I really want you to view this eye-opening video that will give you a clearer view of the current monetary system. More people should be aware of how this functions so they can resist its givens.

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What's wrong with America

I am forced to get my living by the labour of my hand; and the sweat of my brow, as most of you are and obliged to go thro' good report and evil report, for bitter bread, earned under the frowns of some who have no natural or divine right to be above me, and entirely owe their grandeur and honor to grinding the faces of the poor...
- Otis, 1762, speaking against the conservative rulers of the Massachusetts colony

Since I stepped on the American soil, I have noticed the American talent of calling everything you might - or might not - accept a friendly name to make it more presentable. Many things one can happily accept with a smile are undercover flashbacks to the very same past phenomenons that carried different names and was fought against by societies over and over. I felt like it was all a game of PR - Public Relations - that the present faces mastered and the past ones failed at. Everything was simply made fine .. Usury became interest, bribery became lobbying, deceiving and lying became advertising, greed became capitalism, lords and peasants government and people, material slavery became consumerism, adultery became sexual freedom, imperialism became freedom, upper class control became democracy, and pregnant ladies could hide bombs .. not very funny, right ?

The consciousness game that is played against people to enable or disable them according to their access of reality is a long played game of people of power. People here - in God they Trust - have control over everything but the things that change their status quo. The trinity of power complex: Politics, Money, Media is not controlled by the little, yes little, American - thanks to the puppet masters. This will be clearer in my next series of articles highlighting the misery and grief this system gives to Americans and the world.

Given my origins, it's a real controversy to feel sympathy to whom tax dollars fund their troops. But - being a common sense advocate - it didn't take me long to realize something - hopefully not everything - is wrong. When I took a peak into normal people lives here, I realized that oppression is not my local concept as much as it is a universal one, but it can take a very creative form of it to enslave and oppress the people who claim knowledge and advancement. The problem has been growing bigger and bigger to include governments, monetary systems, corporates, paid scholars under its extending wings. It's quite clear and simple, but we are quite naive to see it too.

Since I started reading "A People's History of the United States" by a great historian - Howard Zinn - given to me by a great friend of mine that refuses a static state of mind - I became to feel the dilemma the people here suffer. It all started this way:

Around 1776, certain important people in the English colonies made a discovery that would prove enormously useful for the next two hundred years. They found that by creating a nation, a symbol, a legal unity called the United States, they could take over land, profits, and political power from favorites of the British Empire. In the process, they could hold back a number of potential rebellions and create a consensus of popular support for the rule of a new, privileged leadership.
- Howard Zinn in "A people History of the United States"

The fascination is greater when you see the survival of this exploit living till today, in a world that carries the freedom motto, where the deception game grows bigger and bigger. The dangers of this system are growing with the growth of the United States; the immorality of power can prove very destructive and destabilizing on a global wide system. Yet, it is never late to address imbalances and injustice in whatever form or shape it takes.

To Be Continued ..

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I wish you stayed silent Mr. Abu El Gheit

It's irrelevant for people in Gaza if I condemn their violence or not. It's irrelevant because I am not accepted as a preacher. You can't preach your morality on people living like this: in slums, refugee camps, and surrounded by fences - Azmi Bishara

Mr. Abu El Gheit - Egypt foreign minister - volunteered to preach people in Gaza on their resistance, but never revealed but an ugly face of Egyptian monarchs. Abu El Gheit said that any Palestinian that would "break" Egyptian borders will have his legs "broken". It's been a while since we heared fascists like Yitzhak Rabin ordering the army to "break their bones". So much for the History that teaches fascists to learn from each other..

It would be ridiculous to continue mentioning Abu El Gheit's notes about the Palestinian resistance against Israel and the effect of launching home made projectiles and rockets towards Sdeirot. His retarded comments just reflect the IQ requirement that is needed to be part of the Egyptian regime that is practicing occupation on Egyptian "peasants". It's a rhetoric argument to blame resistance and an occupied nation for their given right to resist. The resistance did not starve people in Gaza, nor did they cut their electricity fuel, not did they embargo themselves, but the occupation did.

The current situation in Gaza is upsetting the Egyptian government because it screams that they are a group of "sell outs". By standing by and enforcing the status quo on Palestinians in Gaza, there is nothing to be understood more than this scandalous stand of the Palestinians suffering. Israel's ambassador in Egypt was talking about building a wall along the boarders between Gaza and Egypt to continue their from-the-Nazis-to-the-Zionists wall building traditions.

Of course, normal Egyptians stood from day one to support Palestinians and their cause. Abu Trika - the Egyptian famous soccer player - made his stand, and the rest of people in Egypt, clear and received the most dignifying yellow card in field. Here is the video..


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Barack Obama: "Yes We Can.."

Barack Obama is becoming a world dream as a future president of the United States. Obama is the society's call for the new direction of correction and new approach of internal and foreign US policy. I will let the clip take you through this dream..

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The night before execution..

يا ليل خلِّ الأسيرْ تَ يْكمِّلْ نواحُو

Oh Night let the prisoner continue his mourning

رايح يفيق الفجر ويرفرف جْناحو

Morning will come and wave its wings

تَيَتْمَرْجَحْ المشنوق في هبّة رْياحو

Swinging the hanged in the blow of its winds


يا ليل وقِّف تَقَضِّي كلْ حسراتي

Oh night stop.. so I can finish my mourning

يمكن نسيت مين أنا ونْسيت آهاتي

You might have forgotten me and my sorrows

يا حيف كيف انقضت بيدك ساعاتي

How my hours just passed by


شمل الحبايب ضاعْ واتكسّروا اقْداحوا

The beloved are shattered and their glasses are broken


لا تظنْ دمعي خوف.. دمعي على اوطاني

No fear sheds my tears but my country

وعا كَمْشة زغاليل في البيت جوعاني

and little hungry birds back home

مين راح يطعمها بعدي وإخواني

Who would feed their hunger after me and my brothers


شباب اثنين قبلي ع المشنقة راحوا

Two young brothers were hanged


وبكرا مراتي كيف راح تقضي نهارها

And how will my wife do

ويلها عليّ وويلها على صغارها

her sorrow for me or hers for the children

يا ريتني خلّيت في أيدها سوارها

I wish I let her jewelery in her hands


يوم أن دعتني الحرب تا اشتري سلاحو

when war called me to buy my gun


ظنيت لنا ملوكٍ تمشي وراها رجالْ

I thought we had kings with men

تخسا الملوك إن كانوا هيك انذال

Shame on them they should belittled

والله تيجانهم ما يصلحوا لنا نعال

And their crowns are lower than our soles


إحنا اللي نحمي الوطن ونضمد جراحو
We protect our land and heal her wounds

This poem was written by whom is called Awad (عوض) ..
His notebook was the Akka prison wall.. and his pen was a piece of charcoal..
He wrote it mourning himself at the night he was hanged by the Brits in 1936..

I can't describe how touching this is, where I consider it the peak of pride fighting fear. He didn't know he will outlive himself with these words.

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